VIP Video would like to welcome the students, staff and parents of Fit To Dance Studio. VIP Video will again shoot this spring's recital. Every family is required to purchase a subscription and will be given a URL link to view all of the Spring dance numbers online.



VIP Video has captured memories of children performing their dances for loved ones for the past decade. Technological advancements have been a priority for VIP to bring its clients and customers the very highest quality of video.

Yet again, VIP Video has invested in a major advancement that will blow its clients and customers away with an evolutionary jump from DVD to online streaming. Streaming apps are the future of video consumption whether it’s through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc. MediaZilla’s app brings the latest technology in streaming media to the professional video industry to create the ultimate delivery solution.

Once VIP has edited, mastered and uploaded all the performances, we will notify you by email with instructions to watch the spring recitals online. In addition, we will send DVDs to those who purchased both the online subscription and the DVD.

Here are just a few reasons your will receive the digital delivery, and yet, still have the opportunity to purchase a DVD.

  • Videos are showcased with a professional Hollywood movie experience

  • Clients can download to their computers to share with friends and family

  • High Definition playback to give the ultimate sharp image that leaves limited DVD capabilities in the dust.

  • Content is secure, encrypted, and archived in the cloud

  • Content will be accessible even if VIP Video was to contract the account for any reason.


You will be able to access the content once VIP Video has sent you the information to create a free account.

VIP is currently editing and mastering the performances and will notify you as soon as the process is complete.

This is the way video was meant to be delivered in the new age of streaming media.

It is time you receive a viewing experience that matches the meticulous quality of VIP's work. 

You can download the MediaZilla App for Apple TV® on the App Store® to view on your smart TVs as well.

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