Here's some things to know!...


Will the owner be there or hired help?

Both actually. I, Darren will be there 99% of the time, but I also need assistance to make the best wedding film possible. Evan or Laura, or sometimes both, will be there to shoot as well. I will be at the bride preps, and continue through the end of the night. Evan or Laura will shoot the guy's preps.

What is the turn-around time?

Now that we are completely caught up and no back log, not long at all! Usually about 1-2 months, no longer. Now in the contract, I'll put 6 months, but that is to cover myself, just in case something happens. However, fear not, again 1-2 months!

How far do you travel and is there any fee?

We will certainly travel anywhere, (especially if it's a beautiful place!). From the PA suburbs to the Jersey Shore, we'll be there. There may be a very small fee, anything over 50 miles to and from the home office in Williamstown, NJ. I'll also go to an island with ya no problem!

We booked, paid and signed the contract, do we meet again before the wedding?

No need to meet again, however, we will most certainly talk again. Usually the week of the wedding, we will go over the info sheet once more and discuss everything again and any changes that were possibly made. However, if you want to chat every Tuesday at 2:13pm every week, feel free, I'll be most likely at my desk!

My venue requires a proof of insurace, are you insured?

Yes we are. We can easily provide a POI for that specific event and date if need be.

What about payment, when is it due?

At the signing and delivery of the contract, 1/3 the balance is due along with the contract, (check, cash (in-person), Quickbooks online link to bank acct. non-refundable retainer. But (this is the cool part), the remaining 2/3's is not due until AFTER the wedding and AFTER you get your highlight trailer or teaser. Once you see some of your awesome footage and have time to breathe, you can then pay the balance. Soon thereafter, you will receive the full final product. Obviously you can the balance at full at any time however.

What makes you stand out or different?

I've been doing this a long time, have learned a lot. The main thing that I excel at is storytelling. A lot of companies offer more of just a music video. To me what makes video differ than photo is the use of audio. Audio is what gives the emotion and tells the story. I'm good at listening to speeches of the day and creating that emotional story, making you laugh when I want you to laugh and cry when I want you to cry.

Do you offer 4K?

Not yet, however that will be the main goal of 2019, purchasing new cameras that acquire 4K footage. Trust me, the images of the Sony a7s 1080p video looks glorious!

Lastly anything else I should know about the business?

I will say this.... My goal is to capture some great footage without being obtrusive. I don't try to force things and let things happen naturally. Secondly, it is of the upmost importance to be kind and friendly with the photographer. We both have to get some great shots and do our job and share time. This is an easy thing to accomplish as long as you're kind and communicate. We both spend all day with you, the bride and groom, and I want to make that a pleasant and fun experience.

Anything interesting about you?

First I'm a husband of 10 years (we're going on a California coast trip this year!), I'm a father of 3 boys, this year turning 9, 7, and 4. Shayne, Evan and Cameron. We have a dog Ellie Mae, and a cat Scarlett. I live in Williamstown, NJ and graduated from Clearview High School in Mullica Hill and Rowan University in Glassboro in 2000. I was the lead singer in a band for 15 years. I now enjoy Marvel movies and television series, watching other films and good pizza.


The Wedding is done... Now What?

You will get a :30 second teaser video immediately following the wedding. The 3-4 minute trailer will come a couple weeks after that (if your package includes a trailer video). A few weeks after that, the final product should be near completion.

My product is delivered, is it backed up just in case?

But of course! I have a hard copy of the HD BluRay myself AND I also keep all the master files of the film, edited ceremony and edited reception as well on an external hard drive. I've actually had people request a copy many years later.

How is the final product delivered to us?

Let me first say unfortunately, DVDs are dead. They have served us so well for so long, but they no are longer a good option. Everyone receives 1 HD BluRay in a beautifully professionally printed case. You also receive your own "personal web page" deliverd through a site called Mediazilla. You can share that page with anyone you wish. Once you create a free ID, you will have access to your final product "forever".

Do we get the raw files?

No you do not. You are already getting essentially everything worth while anyway. You get ALL ceremony footage, you get ALL reception footage, only thing left is picture session and preps. Anything that is worth using or a good or funny shot, will get used in the film. If you are really focused on getting it still, if you provide an external hard drive, for a price, I can get you the raw digital files.

Can you use popular songs for my online trailer?

Because we are selling a videography service, we cannot publish anything containing copyrighted material such as music tracks. We do have ways of paying or licensing music for this purpose, hence why it is usually not "popular" music. During the reception, we will include the dance songs in the video as this falls under the accidental capture clause in the music industry.

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